Family-Centered Coaching Principles

family and baby at farmer's market

The following principles emerged from successful efforts partnering with participants in Family-Centered Coaching.

Full-Family FocusCoaches address the interests of all members in a family, including children, elders, and other family members or people identified by a participant.
Family-LedFamilies lead the work of identifying and achieving their family’s goals.
RespectCoaches have deep respect for a family’s expertise and lived experience as a source of wisdom. Respect is the foundation of collaboration and trust in a coaching relationship.
Strengths-BasedCoaches start with an understanding that all families have strengths. Coaches and participants work together to identify and build on what is working well for each family. 
Racial Equity and InclusionFamily-Centered Coaching is rooted in an understanding of the institutional forces that can prevent families from moving forward: the long and persistent effects of systemic racism and poverty are at the root of many family challenges. 
Fluidity of ApproachCoaches partner with families to meet immediate needs while taking account of the family’s bigger picture and long-term goals. Coaches and participants mutually decide which approach is most useful and when.
TransparencyCoaches talk with participants about the steps of Family-Centered Coaching, including the different roles a coach can play, such as a case manager or coach. Together, participants and coaches can discuss which role might best support the participant at that time.
CollaborationCoaches create strong, collaborative relationships with families as the foundation for change.
ChoiceFamilies have the power to choose the level and type of support they want. Coaches adapt to participant choices and successes, following the participant’s lead
ResponsivenessCoaching is responsive to the unique interests and needs of each family. Coaches meet participants and families where they are and recognize that success looks different for each family, as will the amount of support they need along the way.

The Prosperity Agenda provides these resources as the designated national administrator of Family-Centered Coaching.