Arizona’s Maricopa County shares how FCC puts the parent in the driver’s seat with their dreams and goals in sight.

Family-Centered Coaching Toolkit

Transform Practice & Engage Families

Welcome to the Family-Centered Coaching Toolkit. Use and adapt these strategies, tools, and resources to work holistically with families as they strive to reach their goals.

Develop a Practice of Coaching

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Family-Centered Coaching FAQ

Welcome to our FAQ! These are the frequently asked questions we often receive about Family-Centered Coaching. If you don’t see your question answered here, please…
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Family-Centered Coaching Overview

Family-Centered Coaching is a set of strategies, tools, and resources that help human service organizations reinvent how they engage with families experiencing poverty. Family-Centered Coaching…

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Build a Coaching Team

Supervise A Coaching Team

For coaches to fully implement Family-Centered Coaching, they need the support of their organizations–and perhaps more importantly, the support of their direct supervisor. Family-Centered Coaching…
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Tool: Hiring Coaching-Inclined People

Hiring for coaching skills makes both onboarding and transitioning to coaching easier. While anyone can learn to coach, people who are inclined toward empathy, humility,…
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Tool: Coaching Performance Self Assessment

Job performance measures can sometimes create unintended consequences, misaligned incentives, or conflicts with coaching practices. Use this tool to embed Family-Centered Coaching principles into your…

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Create a Coaching Culture

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The Prosperity Agenda provides these resources as the designated national administrator of Family-Centered Coaching.