Create A Coaching Culture

Assess and strengthen your coaching culture through whole-family partnership, with community-based organizations and public and private funders.

Get Ready for Family-Centered Coaching:

Successful Family-Centered Coaching allows for flexibility in implementation based on an organization’s mission, structure, community resources, and the overall outcomes your organization hopes to achieve.

We know what happens within families affects how families are able to move ahead. Approaches that take into account all the family interests will help programs succeed in helping families succeed. How organizations approach working with families matters: using a strength-based, parent-led approach recognizes the resilience of families who have led their families far already. When you set your work with families within the larger contexts of institutional racism, lack of opportunity, and program silos, it helps us all serve families more effectively.

See Family-Centered Coaching Up Close:

Family-Centered Coaching is not a one-size-fits-approach. Through a culture of learning, coaches and their leadership have built the relationships and continuous improvement to center programs on the services that families need and deserve. These articles share the experience of organizations who are each developing their practice of coaching and build coaching teams and culture. As you read their experiences, consider how their work and insight applies to your services for and relationships with families.

Partner for Whole-Family Work:

Because Family-Centered Coaching takes a holistic approach to working with families, there are numerous areas of life that staff might address–and it is often hard for one organization to have expertise in all of those areas.

The good news is that no one organization has to hold all the expertise. Partnerships that are intentionally and carefully built and managed across organizations can provide effective family-centered services. Two-generation partnerships around the country, in which organizations are partnering closely to deliver parent and child services simultaneously, are demonstrating how workforce, early childhood, and parenting coaching can be offered through partnerships that routinely meet to discuss how families are doing and coordinate their efforts to support families.

The Prosperity Agenda provides these resources as the designated national administrator of Family-Centered Coaching.