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Family-Centered Coaching is a set of free tools and resources open to anyone to apply in their work with families. Two tools you can use and share to get started any time are the Ready to Coach Checklist and Everyday Strategies for Working with Families. Get in touch to learn more or for an introductory introduction orientation to the approach for your leadership.


Organizational Adoption of Family-Centered Coaching

FCC works best when integrated into coaching relationships and community spaces where people already access services and resources. The Prosperity Agenda offers the following set of activities to help organizations create a sustainable structure to develop a coaching culture and operations that centers success on the experience of participants. New and experienced staff are able to deeply understand FCC, apply and master it over time, and innovate with peer support.

Covid-19 Update: In response to the spread of COVID-19, we have transitioned all our services online. User-friendly online tools are provided for full engagement and easy access to materials.

Coaching Implementation Accelerator: For Leadership

Our overall experience with coaching has revealed that implementation challenges begin not with training, but with adopting and sustaining a coaching culture and operations–from practice to supervision to funding. To address these challenges, a facilitated Coaching Accelerator leads a process to integrate coaching into your organization.

How Does This Support Family-Centered Coaching?Who Participates?What’s Required?
FCC Accelerator: Through this working group,leadership steward change by:
– Seeking feedback to understand the experience and needs of practitioners, supervisors, and participants/families
– Shifting operations to build coaching culture and relationships within the organization and network
Up to 15 staff with  influence or authority over organizational decisions – Five sessions scheduled over the course of the project

Anatomy of a Coach: For All Staff

This six week online learning journey combines online classes, self-guided assignments, and a final group project. Leadership, managers, and practitioners attend the same weekly online classes as part of multiple small learning groups. Viewing the the material through their role, each person contributes to the bigger picture of FCC adoption. Groups meet virtually and independently to complete and discuss the week’s topic assignment and build towards a final project.

How Does This Support Family-Centered Coaching?Who Participates?What’s Required?
Anatomy of an FCC Coach: Through training and small group work, staff:
– Adopt the mindset and explore personal bias
– Share their experience, concerns, & questions
– Get activated by creating something
Up to 50 staff, across levels, including FCC Accelerator members– Six sessions of 90 mins each
– Six small group, self-guided meetings of one hour each

Toolkit Onboarding: For Coaches & Managers

Over four weekly sessions, this intensive training for up to 30 participants is facilitated by two experienced coaching trainers. (Larger groups can be accommodated by additional trainers and/or additional training groups.) Coaches and their managers learn together how to build coaching relationships, apply coaching skills, and use FCC tools.

  • Developing & Practicing FCC Skills
  • Understanding Stages of Change
  • Preparing Your Self & Environment for Coaching
  • Bringing Family into the Coaching Conversation.
  • Facilitating a Discussion of Family Priorities
  • Deciding Which Role to Play
  • Facilitating Goal Setting & Practice
How Does This Support Family-Centered Coaching?Who Participates?What’s Required?
FCC Skills & Tools: Through training and applied learning and practice:
– Practitioners and their supervisors learn the skills and tools
– Practitioners apply what they learn as they go
– Supervisors listen for and address pain points and opportunities:
Up to 30 practitioners and their supervisors who have completed Anatomy of an FCC Coach– 4 weekly sessions of 3 hours each
– Independent, guided applied practice

Community of Practice: For Coaches & Managers

To maximize and extend the benefits of coaching training, coaches need space to practice their skills. FCC is a shift in mindset, practice, and relationships, which takes time and support to develop. A community of practice (CoP) is dedicated space and time for coaches to learn from each other and their managers. Our CoP is centered on feedback about how participants experience coaching, allowing coaches to fine tune practice based on what is most impactful to families. A custom toolkit includes the agenda, activities, and evaluations. Supervisors receive continued support and mentoring to ensure a sustainable practice, and insight and data from coaches and participants also flows to the Coaching Accelerator.

How Does This Support Family-Centered Coaching?Who Participates?What’s Required?
FCC Community of Practice: Through structured peer support:
– Participants define success through survey feedback
– Supervisors lead sessions and listen for challenges and innovation, and feed opportunities to leadership
– Practitioners identify strengths, provide peer support, & master their skills
Practitioners and their supervisors who have completed FCC Skills & Tools– Three meeting with TPA staff
– Independent ongoing thereafter