Build A Coaching Team

Integrate coaching into your hiring, supervision, and performance assessment to drive implementation and expansion.

Hire, Supervise, and Assess Performance of Coaches:

Middle managers or direct supervisors are often in the best position in an organization to encourage team members to explore coaching resources, provide spaces to practice coaching, and measure coaching success in new ways.  Managers, particularly mid-level managers within budget constrained environments, encourage team members to explore additional opportunities to learn, practice, and grow their coaching skills. 

Coaching thrives as organizations that adopt a unique approach to measuring success. Success at the program, coach, and participant level is measured by outcomes rather than outputs or activities. Some examples of outcomes are participant-determined goals, strength of relationships, and participant experience engaging with a program.

Supervise A Coaching Team

For coaches to fully implement Family-Centered Coaching, they need the support of their organizations–and perhaps more importantly, the support of their direct supervisor. Family-Centered Coaching…
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Tool: Who Is In My Circle?

The role of a coach requires respect and empathy for the families they serve–as well as a fluid approach. It also calls for self-awareness and…
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The Prosperity Agenda provides these resources as the designated national administrator of Family-Centered Coaching.